Love for Food Gift Box

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Creative Agency: Shenzhen Pure Creative Co.,Ltd
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: YouLiYouJie Brand
Packaging Content: Books, colour pencils, tapes, notepad
Location: China

A gift box about family dinner table is produced by YouLiYouJie Brand. It takes the 24 solar terms as a clue,through illustrations, text, color rendering, etc. to reproduce the memory of the old taste .It speaks of the good relationship between people and food, and the wonderful story between us and food.

For the first time, we used traditional food as a medium to create a cultural proposition that touched the table, with a warm new Chinese watercolor illustration, revival of the four seasons reincarnation of the dinner table tradition.

The creative cycle of more than 200 days, From the collection of texts to the creation of tens of thousands of words, from the content arrangement to the creative implementation, we have experienced a happy and happy 200 days, creating more than 1,000 new Chinese creative watercolor elements.

The gift box use tinplate made a “lunch box” design, It’s a gift for the foodies. Gift box include paper tape, notepad, color lead, etc.

“Love for Food” is the Chinese Foodie’s hand book, which is the most go with rice ,because it can give you the tongue on the gluttonous, but also give you spiritual comfort, and also give you a warm greeting.