Innovative Feminine Pads

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Seven Hills
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: TO2M
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Feminine Pads
Packaging Materials: Aluminium foil

The O2 Movement is a brand that introduces the whole new concept of of breathability – it’s unique feature is the whole product range such as feminine pads, diapers, respirator masks actively release OXYGEN. It’s a game changer and we wanted to emphasize that amazing benefit with the crisp eye-catching bold minimalistic yet elegant packaging.

What’s Unique?
An authentic packaging design was performed with the key element – sky and clouds for the background to evoke the the feeling of purity, simplicity and breathability which OXYGEN brings. The project also included the new logo design, icons and signs development to exhibit the benefits of the product. The sizes definition chart was performed with an idea to resemble flower petals and at the same time indicate the number of drops to simplify the process of picking the perfect size.