GoPro: Sustainable Packaging

Derrick Lin


Designer: Brandon Fretwell
Project Type: Student Project
School: California State University
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recyclable cardboard
Location: USA

This sustainable packaging design for GoPro speaks to the mission statement of the brand and their passion to help create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us.

Only six pieces of laser cut recyclable cardboard create the new packaging, while still keeping the visual aesthetic of the original packaging. The unique form encourages customers to recycle the package and helps bring awareness about helping the environment. The labels are printed using soy inks, as this type of ink does not need as much energy to remove from the cardboard when recycled, saving more fueling energy of the machines at the recycling plant. The volume of the package has also been scaled down to help save on distribution and transportation costs. All these innovations help create an effective, engaging, and sustainable experience with the new GoPro packaging.

  1. This is more sustainable looking than really a sustainable packaging, right?
    I doubt, that laser cut corrugated pieces are more sustainable than a standard deep-drawn plastic tray.
    Of course, it looks super fancy, but I doubt, that a LCA comparison of this pack compared to the current one will be positive.

Derrick Lin

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