Derrick Lin


Designer: Lucia C. Brandt
Project Type: Concept
Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Nail Polish
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Cardboard

Made is a nail polish concept brand that captures the creative side of consumers, inspiring them to express their individuality and originality through their two types of applicators, a thick brush for a perfect coverage and a thin point to make designs on the nails. The product is sold in a package of four nail lacquers with a combination of striking colors that match perfectly with each other, making endless possibilities to create any design.

The brand identity was developed taking the brush as a visual inspiration, alluding to the playful and dynamic way consumers can interact with the product, feeling it was made especially for them. ​

What’s Unique?
Made is unique due to its different bottle with two types of applicators, that allows consumers to express their creativity and match their style as they can create endless desings on their nails. Made connects with its users through the identity of the brand and the combination of colors, achieving a versatile and quality product that offers added value compared to its competition.