Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: mousegraphics
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nongfu Spring
Location: China
Packaging Contents: Vitamin-enriched water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The briefing: “We want a packaging that will inform consumers of the product’s advantages without scaring them away.”

The target consumer: Chinese market as well as international consumers.

The design: The vitamin-enriched water of Nongfu company demanded a carefully balanced design approach that would convey the product’s medicinal qualities without creating an unfriendly or niche-like overall look. We decided to emphasize the container component of the packaging and designed a new one that points to the shape of a pharmaceutical capsule. The obloid bottle calls forward, in an immediate, almost subliminal way, the science that generated the particular water, while the specific symbols on its semitransparent surface serve as indexes of the various health benefits within the specific product range. A large V shape – that stands for both, the product name, “Victory” and its key ingredient, ‘Vitamin’ – dominates each container, sharply pointing to the health-related info on the bottle while also echoing the color/flavor/quality variant in the bottle.