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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson Cairo
Senior Art Director & Illustrator: Amro Thabit
Account Director: Salma Hamouda
Senior Account Executive: Sandra Hazem
Senior Planner: Diana George
Head of Design Unit: Ibrahim Islam
Managing Director: Mai Azmy
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mondeléz
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Packaging Contents: Gum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Chiclets decided to embrace a young spirit sticking to its old soul. now targeting the younger generation, a more vibrant package design was born. by turning chiclets iconic half-circle into five different mouth-shaped designs.

Inspired by the originality of the older packs, we took the existing undefined shape and transformed it into a mouth.To bring this further, we injected modern & personalized elements, giving the new packs a retro look; a look appreciated by teens. we gave each of the five flavors a personality, a distinct character, using differentiating colors & elements such as piercing, mustache, braces…

What’s Unique?
The five packs are not only visually distinct; each one a character that is reflected by their look & speech. The one trait they all have in common is a sense of humor.

Peppermint is the original flavor so we gave her a sexy elegant look, with a small mole at the side of her mouth and red lipstick, She is bringing the classic sexy look back, When she speaks she is even more attractive than Marilyn Monroe. Spearmint is the strongest flavour so we gave him a moustache to establish this. When he speaks out, his sense of pride becomes apparent; proud to be the strongest flavour among the five. Tutti Frutti is the cutie pie of the gang. She is pink and has confetti-patterned lips. When she speaks, she’s polite and sincere, yet demonstrates diva-like behaviour as well. Mastic is the cheeky one. She is green-red striped and has a piercing, she’s not necessarily trying to fit in. She likes to egg people on and provoke them here and there. Strawberry is red with green lips because, well, he’s strawberry! The braces reflect his nerdy nature. A softy at heart, he’s often misunderstood.