Glen Graeme Scotch Whisky

Derrick Lin


Designer: Kimberly Paulus
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Astor Wines & Spirits
Location: New York, United States
Packaging Contents: Scotch whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Uncoated paper, cardboard, glass bottle
Printing Process: Foil stamping, embossing

Glen Graeme Scotch Whisky is a top-shelf spirits brand and is the name behind two small batch products: a single malt whisky and a blended malt whisky. Both products are made in Scotland and sold exclusively as a private label brand for Astor Wines and Spirits in New York City.

Because the product is unique to a single store, it felt appropriate to base the packaging design on the architecture of the building. Astor Wines and Spirits resides in a beautiful nineteenth century Romanesque Revival style building, which was once the studio of leading typographer, Theodore Low De Vinne, and his printing company. The design’s custom dieline mimics the shape of the building’s perfectly arched windows, and the illustrations are based on the intricate ornamentations and complex patterns, but exaggerated in a baroque style to showcase the brand’s elegance and grandeur.

The butt-jointed tube continues the design of the labels and features an inner tube printed with gold ink, inside and out, giving the consumer a luxurious and surprising unveiling.

What’s Unique?
– Three piece label system consisting of a main label, strip label, and back label. This was developed specifically in order to stay within client’s budget while also meeting printer MOQs (min. of quantity). The main label and back label hold general information, so they can be used on future runs and the strip label is placed on both the bottle and the tube.

  • Uniquely-shaped dieline for the main label
  • Logo on main label is embossed
  • A lot of gold foiling. Especially impressive on the tube as the illustration covers the entire tube.
  • High-end butt-jointed tube, where the lid slides on and off an inner tube
  • The inner tube is printed with Pantone gold ink, inside and out
  • Product is sold in one single store in New York City (but consumers all over the nation may order through their website)