Lee Kum Kee Mix Delight

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Creative Agency: Brandimage Shanghai
General Manager: Gary Yip
Art Director: Shawn Gong
Account Manager: Sharon Xiao
Account Supervision: Cherry Yeung
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lee Kum Kee
Location: Shanghai, China
Packaging Contents: Ready-To-Eat Sauces
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

As one of the most established sauce brands in Greater China, Lee Kum Kee has accompanied millions of Chinese in their growing up years. In a category where taste means “home”, the design landscape is overwhelmingly traditional. Chinese habits, calligraphy, and a dark palette convey a category story of craftsmanship. For millennials who eat out regularly however, sauces are becoming less of a relevance. This is the time for innovation and change.

Lee Kum Kee’s Mix Delight is a ready-to-eat sauce that adds flavour and excitement to your mains. Convenient and made with real ingredients, Mix Delight targets younger consumers with a congruent design. Using bright, pastel colours is an innovative departure from traditional category cues and the streamlined logo typeface is modern and accessible. Photography for ingredients is at the same time authentic, dynamic, and alludes to the idea of “real ingredients inside.”

What’s Unique?
This is a new design for ready-to-eat sauces targeting Millennials, the first of its kind to celebrate both Chinese tradition and sumptuous enjoyment.