Designer: Yuval Ezov
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar College
Course: Print / Package Design
Tutor: Dekel Bovrov
Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Packaging Contents: Pasta, Tomato and Pesto sauce, Flour for pasta, and Ravioli with cheese
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Chromo 300, Craft Paper, Stamps

In the final project of the semester, in a printing course, I was asked to design a package design for pasta series.

We started in one of the short pasta (fusilli), from which we set out for a series of 3 short pastas (fusilli, penne, and parfela) + whole-wheat fusilli. They were joined by 2 types of spaghetti, pasta flour, tomato sauce + pesto sauce, and a refrigerator product – ravioli with cheese.

The content world from which I inspired the packaging design was the mask festival in Venice, Italy. And so I called the company – Masquerade