Designer: Anna Weddle
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ball State University
Location: Muncie, Indiana
Packaging Contents: Print assets, T-shirt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carboard, Tissue paper, cut vinyl decals
Printing Process: Vinyl Decals

FairTrend is a non profit that works with local businesses. If a local business takes the FairTrend pledge and agrees to only sell clothing that was ethically produced by fairly paid workers in safe conditions, then they will be promoted by the nonprofit through it’s website and advertising campaigns. The small business will also receive digital assets and a package with print assets to get them started with a brochure, postcard, t-shirt, and sticker to advertise that they have taken the FairTrend pledge. The non profit supports ethical fashion and workers rights while also directing consumers to small, local businesses, and helping the local economy.

What’s Unique?
Vinyl decals used to create the graphics, as well as a cohesive brand applied across all of the assets.