PIN – Clever Stackable Tray

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: RONG Design and Consulting Company
Creative Director: Sun Li
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging content: Fruits
Location: China

Rotate to stack up
To begin with, the project conducts research on the existing distribution package of agricultural products on the market, and discovers that most packaging materials have problems in terms of materials, handling, and recycling, etc. The design is geared towards making the packaging less expensive, more environmentally friendly and more convenient. Finally, collapsible bags made of paper pulp are realized. It is folded in daily storage to take up less space. When in use, it can be stacked through the internal structure by making a 180-degree rotation. The whole design is based on the concept of Chinese character “品”. The combination of three “口” symbolizes a family with three members, namely the concept of healthy family life which is of concern to the brand. Meanwhile, the stacking of three “口” is a highlight of the design, namely feature of collapsibility and stacking. Moreover, the Chinese character “品” literally means “quality” which is the symbol of the brand’s commitment to development and innovation, and establishment of life quality.