Kiwi Manuka

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Design: Kevin Lam & Jean Wong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kiwi Manuka
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Packaging Contents: Manuka Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle, Art Card Box
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Foil Stamping, Gold Foil, UV

Kiwi Manuka®’s products draw on the knowledge of New Zealand’s Maori people, who have used Mānuka in their traditional medicine for centuries. Together with the development of modern research and clinical study, Kiwi Manuka® was Born. From there on, a complete set of visual identity has been created to serve the purpose of demonstrating the brand identity.

To be able to express the brand complexity and brings out the energy within, various dynamic geometric shapes has been created as symbolisation throughout the honey label series. These well thought shapes each represent either the key ingredients or the strategic locations of the brand background. By combining all these elements in honey label, the story/ idea that makes Kiwi Manuka has been express in the most subtle yet artistic way.

What’s Unique?
To enhance each products has its own unique characteristic and flavour, a unique emblem is designed for each category of honey. Each emblem has been printed in gold foil could well demonstrate every product is carefully monitored, ensuring each bottle are in great quality. It is not only achieving a nature modern aesthetic look but also match the youthful approach vision of Kiwi Manuka®.

Colour plays an essential role in visual identity. In order to present the natural and organic flavours of the brand, pastel colour palette is used across the honey range. Mānuka honey is renowned worldwide for its “Unique Manuka Factor” It has the richest taste among all other honey, hence the most vibrant colour is used to differentiate it from others. While each floral honey’s colour palette is following the characteristic of their own flower.