Concrete Jewelry Boxes

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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Gravelli
Head designer: Tomáš Vacek
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Concrete Jewelry
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Concrete

We are Gravelli – a dynamic Czech brand and designer producing high end objects of concrete. One of our portfolio categories is devoted to a jewelry production. Concrete handmade jewels – rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks – are unique, courageous, sexy and comfortable.

The task for us was to find an original packaging corresponding with the content inside to guarantee the same level of experience as the handmade jewel itself does. All the available options seemed too generic and ordinary. So we came up with the idea to create a packaging ourselves from the same material and with the same (hand) care as the content inside.

That is why unique, handmade BOXES made whole of concrete were created. We have been producing them in several sizes and two colors – grey and anthracite – according to a purchased jewel inside. They are whole made of concrete, with four magnets attached into their edges to keep closed easily. The Gravelli logo is “printed” in each box – every production mold has the inscription in it, so the logo looks like it has been engraved into the box.

Concrete Gravelli BOXES serve often as the design object themselves – they can be easily used as a unique home accessory. But, most importantly, they can do the purposed trick – they correspond with the supplied content inside them and help to create a complex experience from any jewelry purchase from Gravelli brand.

What’s Unique?
The use of concrete – exactly the same material as the content is made of – for their whole production. If the jewel inside is in anthracite color, the packaging is also (hand)made of anthracite concrete (etc.). We use our knowledge of concrete and its special production to create not just the product, but also its packaging. Thanks to this, we can deliver a complex experience to any customer who is not then buying just a jewel, but the whole package with the emphasis on all the details. With any jewel, people buy a representation of their own character and soul – concrete boxes help it pack into the proper form that takes care about such idea.