New Diet 7UP Flavours

Derrick Lin


Design: Francky Iside
Project Type: Concept
Location: Gdynia, Poland
Packaging Contents: Lemon and Lime Soft drink

Every designer dreams to make somthing cool for his favourites brands. So, as a fan of 7UP I’ve designed two cans for the two New Diet 7UP flavours, lemon and lime. That’s my personal view, my fresh vision when I was thinking about “7UP new diet limon and lime”. The design is based on little fresh colored triangles flowing aroung the can and continuous/dotted lines. Main colours are the green for lime version and white for lemon. My main goal it was to design something fresh, cold but yet inviting you to drink.

What’s Unique?
The combination of shapes, yet simple ones, the overall fresh look, event not cold, thanks to the well combined colours, makes this beverage packaging something unique.