ANUE-A Solution For Bathing Products’ Packaging Waste

Derrick Lin


Design: Shanshan Chen
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt Institute
Course: Packaging Design Thesis II
Tutor: Eric O’Toole
Location: Brooklyn, United States
Packaging Contents: Bathing Products: Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Body Wash
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Eco Resin, Eco Cement, Paper Composite, Copper, Paper Board

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has flooded our lives with mass-produced materials and unmindful waste. Bathing and other relaxing activities have increasingly become an outlet to release the stress of our hectic lives. I am exploring a sustainable solution to throwaway culture through a system of customized refillable bath products. Consumers who value product experience are able to build a deeper emotional bond with product lines while maximizing packaging longevity and reducing environmental impacts.

ANEU is a unique new approach of personal body and hair care. It is a customizable and sustainable products line using exclusively precious ingredients from “nature’s pharmacy.” ANEU challenges the form of the existing bathing products’ easily thrown-away packages, and it offers a new daily bathing ritual, an experience that allows you to relax, pamper yourself by starting and ending your day anew.

What’s Unique?
It is a new form of bathing products and their packaging that is durable, reusable, sustainable, refillable and customizable while also involves a ritualistic experience.