Anand Namkeen

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Design: Litmus Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Anand Namkeen
Location: Patan, India
Packaging Contents: Food – Dry Snacks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Flow Pack
Printing Process: Gravure Printing

Anand Namkeen, an established FMCG brand in North Gujarat wanted to develop innovative food packaging for a clear and concise identity of the brand. For Anand’s specific category we created an exclusive product packaging design with the yellow colour to reflect the message of brand name itself. Anand means ‘happiness’ and yellow is known for symbolizing ‘happiness’.

The tempting snack photos actually persuaded us during the photography sessions but we swear we actually resisted and see how fulfilling they look on the packages! For popcorn packaging design, chips packaging design and other fryums snack packaging design we chose vibrant and joyful colours to attract the eyes keeping the brand logo and snack name as the face value.

What’s Unique?
Consistency in any FMCG brand product packaging makes the brand influential. As snacks are fast moveable and consumable goods, we have made the packaging most distinguishable, so consumers with its unmistakable singularity can pick them up from the shelves at a glance.