Honey from Grevena (Gorgiani)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: S+ αισθeτικό
Designer: Stelios Papalampropoulos
WoodMaster: Kostas Baliamis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Konstantinos Ntounas
Location: Grevena, Greece
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar, Wood
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Cnc Laser Cutting

Eventually unique clients interests for unique packaging. Grevena is a small town in Northern Greece, situated in the Prefecture of Western Macedonia. It is well known for the amazing and breathtaking landscapes and great quality of the local products.

There are nestled the apiary of Konstantinos Ntounas, a mathematician – beekeeper, who have high targets in both in his… “sciences”! Among a lot of wildflowers and great oak trees the bees compose their honey in an near 1000m altitude in region of Gorgiani in Grevena.Not only the client is unique, but also his product.

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We have started from the re-design of the label, but we kept the logo of the honey. An elegant simple design with the basic informations needed. Thin, in combination with calligraphic, fonts prefered. But that research and graphic design was only the first step!

We needed more for this amazing product from this unique land of Grevena. From the first taste…the ideas born easily! How is it possible to package honey in wood from Grevena? How we can create unique projects for different necessities?

Kostas Baliamis another mathematician and carpenter was the trusted solution! Patience to the detail, ideas upon the construction …and the package starts to evaluate in a great project to admire! We are used to buying honey in a glass jar or metal packaging. Now an innovative idea. Honey is packed in wood! Yes, the packaging does not stop only in the jar but extends with some special packages, ideal for a gift.

The wooden packaging protects the glass jar and helps to store it more easily, the glass vase is placed in unique packages made entirely of wood. The versatility now offered by the cnc laser enables you to create high quality designs with specifications that are durable and tailored to our needs and ideas.

What’s Unique?
Undoubtedly it is a unique of its shape and the way of opening. Perhaps for first time wood is the main material for a honey-package, that gives a unique form and the essence of natural product.