Design: Fonzie Cuaycong
Project Type: Concept
Location: New York, NY
Packaging Contents: A Deck of Cards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Air-Linen Finished Cards, Linen Finished Box
Printing Process: 4C Printing

The next chapter of Lebron’s career is just beginning. But his reign as the King stretches back for well over a decade of greatness. And each season he’s been in the league, he’s dominated opponents in a new, unique signature shoe.

Each model of Lebron’s signature shoes correlates to the rank of the card, starting with the Air Zoom Generation as the Ace, to the Lebron 13 as the King. Four unique Jokers depict various stages of Lebron’s career. The Lebron 10 to 13 featured some of the most eccentric designs and colors in basketball footwear. The hyperposite technology allowed the designers to create flashy, rigid paneling without adding unnecessary weight. These consecutive models were defined by their diamond-like ornamentation and really gave inspiration for the illustration style for the deck.

What’s Unique?
This deck of premium, air-linen finished, poker-size playing cards is inspired by Lebron’s historic line of signature shoes. The design of the cards reflects the beauty of each sneaker, as well as some iconic imagery from Lebron’s illustrious career. The packaging meant to evoke the feeling of opening a new box of Lebron sneakers. The single tray box features a shining linen finish with a textural illustration lining the interior.