Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Joel Holtby
Art Director: Skye Deluz
Writer: Kyle Simons
Producer: Narine Artinian
Photographer: Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Studio Artist / Typographer: Narine Artinian
Strategist: Hannah Newport, Aliz Tennant
Account Services: Scott Lyons and Sara Lemmermeyer
Client: Leaf Forward
Location (city/country): Toronto, Ontario
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Rice paper rolling papers, printed with food-safe, smokable ink

The long-awaited day to officially legalize cannabis in Canada has finally arrived, and Leaf Forward, Canada’s first and leading cannabis business accelerator, came up with the ultimate way to celebrate the passing of the bill.

The organization created a limited supply of rolling papers printed with Bill C-45, the legalization bill that started it all. If Parliament passed the bill, shouldn’t cannabis enthusiasts be able to as well?

The beautifully crafted packs contained all 152 pages of the full document, allowing enthusiasts to celebrate this momentous occasion, one joint at a time. The papers were printed using safe, non-toxic ink, sealed in packs that nod to official Canadian government documents.

“We’ve been ecstatic that cannabis legalization has come to Canada, and we wanted to celebrate it in a way that’s true to the occasion. We’re thankful for the pioneers, activists, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs that made this happen and will continue to build this thriving industry.” says Alex Blumenstein, Co-Founder and CEO at Leaf Forward.

Leaf Forward is the global launchpad for early stage cannabis companies, providing cannabis focused businesses with mentorship, networking, and learning opportunities from successful leaders who have taken ideas and turned them into reality. Leaf Forward leverages its extensive network of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and senior leaders to foster and grow the canna-startup ecosystem preparing founders to pitch investors, raise money and take their business to the next level.

Leaf invests in a small group of carefully selected cannabis startups who participate in a 12-week program where the startups work closely with the Leaf Forward team, industry leaders and subject matter experts to quickly develop their products and grow their businesses.