Something Useful Advent Calendar

Derrick Lin


Design: Puskás Marcell
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Budapest Hungary
Packaging Contents: Postcard
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Print

– What do you want for X-mas?
– Don’t know. Something useful, but I want lots of it.
– Don’t know, just surprise me.

The most common sentences.

Well, yeah. Go here, go there, buy a present, buy a second, order a third, wait for the postman, track your shipment in a silly app, be a logistics specialist… and all this in a week. Stand in crowded queues in shopping malls or buy something in a mulled wine scented Christmas market. Hunt for discounts, try to guess your relative’s dress size or musical taste. Buy tons of books that nobody will ever read, or perhaps a diary that nobody would ever use. Buy funny phone cases, or VR glasses, perhaps some T-shirts or mugs with a “funny” text. Wrap them in the last minute, tie a ribbon on the box, and add a kind of greeting card to it, saying Lots of love.

Huh, yeah. but can you do it differently? How? With questions.

My work is somewhat like a Christmas Advent calendar that contains 25 gift cards. Each day, from 1st to 25th of December, a card surprises us with a personal question. These are all questions that are interested in the giftee. If we carefully think our responses over and place them under the tree, we could express our love without any superficial presents.

The 25 cards and a day-to-day reflection on their questions help you get in the mood for Christmas

Everybody can download it and print it for free in here