Design: UPRISE
Illustrator: Polina Tikhonenko
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Coffee, cookies, syrup
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and cardboard

Design of EL ORO coffee brand created in UPRISE branding agency looks like it has just arrived on the first flight from Mexico to Moscow and it is so fresh, roasted and filled with energy!

We assign a task to ourselves of creating a concept, which will justify value and philosophy of the brand – the best coffee beans from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Kenya for your cup of coffee.

Designer’s illustration was developed for this project, including nature patterns, styled embellishment and a representative of specimen of animal life peculiar to a particular country: the Kenyan antelope, the Peruvian lama, the Mexican toucan and the Ecuadorian chameleon.

Bright concept required no less, but a bright name and we considered the name EL ORO that is Spanish for a gold to be worthy complement to the design.

«We’ve been searching for a graphic style, which can unite different cultures and convey product authenticity» – author of the concept Polina Tikhonenko comments. «Stylized design with ethnic ancient patterns appeared to be the best solution. This resulted in design that stands out among the competitors on the shelf and that particular coffee-to-go cup which you do not want to throw away immediately».