Design: Stas Qlare
Project Type: Concept
Location: Russian Federation
Packaging Contents: Sweet plates
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset printing

Most children love to play and eat sweets. Parents are worried about the healthy nutrition of their children and their development. How to combine these two facts in one product?

Candy Maker, created on the basis of DIY concept, allows to solve both problems. The product consists of natural sweet plates made from fruits and berries. Each pack contains 7 flavors. Combining the plates, children can make their own flavor combinations: banana + coconut + apricot or coconut + cocoa + grapes and so on. Each package allows to create up to 24 different flavor combinations. So, children interact with the product in a playful way, make experiments and create they own candies.

The usefulness and safety of the product is achieved through the use of natural ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins so important in children nutrition.

Situations of product consumption are varied: from children’s parties, birthdays, to use in the form of sweet and healthy promotion, as well as a source of useful vitamins and minerals.