Design: Maggie Budd
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Wisconsin Stout
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
Location: Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA
Packaging Contents: Hot Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Cardboard Cap, Vinyl
Printing Process: Vinyl Cut

Koko is a French Hot Chocolate. The Queen, Marie Antoinette was very fond of hot chocolate, and she was responsible for it being brought to France and having it served at the Palace of Versailles. Marie Antoinette was the source of my inspiration for this packaging design; She was a strong supporter of the fine arts and enjoyed rococo style art. There are references to the Rococo artistic movement through the use of color and materials of the packaging. This packaging has many little details which add to the overall experience when interacting with the product.

What’s Unique?
My favorite elements of this packaging are the gradient matte finish on the bottle and the pop of color on the edge of the label.