LOL – Leak Of Lust



Design: Sharon Israel
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar college of art, design and engineering
Course: Brand identity design
Tutor: Anna Geslev
Location: Ramat-gan, Israel
Packaging Contents: Fruit based liquor
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles and silicone corks
Printing Process: Digital printing

LOL – Leak of Lust is a naughty fruit based liquors brand, which is visually and intellectually inspired by artist Jeff Koons and the Pop-Glam era. The brand offers a series of fruit based liquors, in normal sized 500ml bottles, and in mini to-go bottles of 250ml.

Provocative, Bewildering but Humourous were the leading goals of this project since the beginning, which made this brand cautiosly walk inside the sex taboo, and walk out of it without overstepping the mark and being too bold or explicit.

What’s Unique?
Have you seen anything like this before? I know I haven’t. LOL is unique because it speaks peoples unspoken desires, without saying a word.