Derrick Lin


Agency: Another Collective
Design: Bruno Soares / Eduardo Rodrigues / Paulo Portela
Photography: Álvaro Martino
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Porto, Portugal

This project consisted of a drawing of a graphic identity for a set of labels of white and red wine for the three units associated with the same business group.

The intention was to create an identity that worked autonomously in each label, looking for the singularity of each restaurant through a detail, in this case an initial of the name. The identity developed was intended to serve as a link between the different spaces: Terminal 4450, Esquina do Avesso and Sushiaria, mandatory starting point for this project.

The finishes are meant to be applied alongside the elegance and simplicity, as the different points got together as a line, the values that are common to these spaces.

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