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Derrick Lin


Agency: KBS Canada
Art Direction + Design: Adam Kereliuk
Illustration: Caitlin Taguibao
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hochtaler
Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: White Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle / paper

This rebrand was for a German-style wine called Hochtaler – a Canadian wine that hadn’t seen creative change since it was introduced in the 70’s. It was in need of a facelift to attract a newer, younger audience while popping off the shelf in bottle and box formats. After a lot of bedtime reading and research, I started selecting elements from the Brothers Grimm fairytales to connect Germanic heritage and create more curiosity for potential audiences passing by the shelves. I had the pleasure of working with a very talented illustrator to bring the final art to life across bottle labels and cask wine boxes.

What’s Unique?
Playful illustrations of The Brothers Grimm fairytales that you can get lost in when looking at the details.