Derrick Lin


Project manager: Ilona Koltinyuk
Art Director: Jane Dzhurinskaya
Brand Strategist: Daria Erasova
Copywriter: Julia Bibisheva
Designer: Ekaterina Starodumova
Project Manager: Marta Bekker
Video: Roman Titovets
Project Type: Commercial work
Client: Lubby
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Products for children, baby’s health
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle

The company Lubby, which manufactures products for the youngest children, has also launched its line of children’s cosmetic products for washing, bathing and personal care. Our task was to create a logo, corporate identity and develop a series of packages, making them attractive for kids and their mothers, bright and standing out on the shelf.

What does a child like? To play and to learn new things. What does he not like very much? As everyone knows, washing. Our project of a new brand of products for bathing children – Aquatory – sought to combine the pleasant for child with useful for him: to make bathing an exciting, fun and informative process. What does mom like? When a child is satisfied, keen on the game and at the same time learns the useful. Our goal was to inspire the confidence of moms, to convince them that Aquatory will help achieve these goals.

Together with the client, we came to the concept of marine characters living on the packaging of Aquatory. After all, who, if not the inhabitants of the sea, by their example can show the child, how much fun, fearless and pleasant it is to bath.

The emotional coloring of the characters is not only about their bright colors. The expressive living emotions written on the faces of the sea inhabitants, also changing on different sides of the packaging, help to contact the child, communicate with him and help him easily and without fear dive into the friendly water world.

We have created all our characters on the basis of four geometric figures – simple, understandable for children, present in their world. Each character, rather unusual, but easily recognizable, is the face of one of Aquatory’s product lines.

Having different characters and a color-coding system helps Aquatory stand out on the shelf, and customers identify products within the line.

As part of the project, we also designed the Aquatory product line for the smallest ones on the same principle, but in soothing gentle lavender shades.