Dog Bakery Treats

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Derrick Lin


Design: Cloudtrap Athens
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dog Bakery
Print: La Petite Jumelle
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Fresh baked dog treats
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Craft carton
Printing Process: One color (black) print with cutter

Dog Bakery is the first bakery for dogs in Greece. They trusted their innovative idea in us and we started the collaboration by designing the logo, the corporate identity, then the designing of the first shop in Athens and last the packaging for the fresh baked treats and the product photoshoot.

The peculiarity of the treats and not only the treats but all of the dog bakery’s products, is that the are made of natural ingredients and they are not cooked only for dogs but for humans too. Now, dogs and people can consume these treats fearless as they are chemically verified and they also have the necessary authorization.

In order to make our point as far as it concerns the natural ingredients and our respect to the environment, we created the packaging from recycled paper and it was printed with only one color (black). 

Also, we payed attention to the image of the product inside the packaging that’s why we created a cutter that gives the ability to the consumer to see the product directly into the dog’s mouth. This, gives the sense that his beloved four-legged friend will be super excited from the unique taste.

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What’s Unique?
We created four different dogs (illustrations) with a common cutter (mouth) in order to fit to all packages. We designed, totally, 8 different flavors (apple, peanutbutter, mediterranean, coconut, superfoods, banana, herbs, vegetables).

The typography is simple and clean. The most important information is only in the back side so as the consumer can receive the information at once without turning the packaging back and forth.

The peculiarity of the packaging is that its made of recycled paper, which is something unique in the dog food market. The uniqueness exists in the illustrations too.