Design: Alo Studio
Project Type: Produced
Client: Enforza
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Hydration pack, thermo, drink, backpack, flask
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, plastic, paper
Printing Process: Screen printing, digital printing

Enforza is a new sports brand for hydration packs. After running on trails, up mountains, in ultra marathons, and more; our client was looking to create a brand that encourage people, with a product that deliver comfort and the right hydratation after riding many miles.

The name Enforza was created with the idea of strength, we used this strong solution to generate the slogan “Impulsa tu fuerza interior” (boost your inner strength). Being the perfect source of encouragement for a better performance.

In our creative solution, the identity has rhythm and energy, the word mark uses a strong sans-serif typeface, the mark aims to embody the core forces of trail: speed, force, and swift. Using neon color an a dynamic set of patterns creates an aspirational aesthetic and leans into movement .