Marble Brewery – Seasonal Beers

Derrick Lin


Agency: Ripe Inc.
Creative director: Donna Romano
Jr. Designer: Kim Schneider
Project Type: Produced
Client: Marble Brewery
Location: Albuquerque, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum cans
Printing Process: Digital shrink sleeve

Marble Brewery is a local leader in Albuquerque’s thriving craft beer industry. In addition to their regionally distributed classic beers they continuously experiment with new and exciting flavors to feature in their tap rooms for local fans. Shrink wrap sleeve cans have made it possible to take some of the top selling tap room specials and distribute them through retailers—seasonally. Those that sell in large numbers will be slated to move into full run production and print directly on aluminum cans for a permanent place in the line-up.

Each can in the series has a consistent “collar” of clean opal color with the logo. This provides a beautiful clean presentation on the shelf and makes the brand instantly recognizable. The bottom two thirds are used to create a visual story about the beer, each one is different and conveys a totally unique flavor experience.

What’s Unique?
The shrink wrap printing process allows us to play with the opacity of the color. In some areas, like the top section “collar”, we made the color semi-translucent so it appears opalescent. In other areas we use screens or knock out the color altogether so the aluminum becomes part of the illustration and creates areas that shimmer and catch the eye as the can is turned when viewing the illustration.