Derrick Lin


Agency: Opus B Brand Design
Designers: Zuzanna Sadlik, Beata Faron
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kraków, Poland
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, wood

Bees need our help
Honey is the sweet and delicious gift from bees to us. We have got used to it so much that we regard its supply as almost indisputable. Yet bees face danger. Constant air pollution and chemical contamination of flowers have had a dramatic impact on their population.

Bees in big cities
Paradoxically, cities have become a refuge for our little friends. Here, they are less vulnerable to environmental hazards. We have created a product that provides the joy of honey but at the same time pays dues to bees. It is called: BEE-FEE.

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Our way to give back to bees
BEE-FEE is 100% organic honey. The packaging consist of two complementary elements: a glass jar (the “bee” component) and a flower pot made of slim concrete (the “fee” component). We encourage consumers to plant flowers in the pots and take it out on balconies. That’s how we can help bees – by expanding their ecosystem in cities.

Helping bees one jar at a time
BEE-FEE helps bees to reproduce and thrive in cities. It is up to us how much we want to get involved. The hexagonal shape of flower pots allows to arrange them in a space-saving manner. Our assistance comes with a beautiful side effect – blooming flowers.