Ethnocultural project “On the tip of a tongue”

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Derrick Lin


Design: Diana Molytė, Dovilė Kačerauskaitė
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vilnius Academy of Arts
Course: Graphic design
Tutor: Aušra Lisauskienė
Packaging Contents: Ethnocultural heritage desserts (spit cake, gingerbread mushrooms, cookies, apple cheese etc.)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing for labels

The cultural heritage of Lithuania has many layers, which formed in five distinct ethnographic regions over many centuries. Each territory is characterised by unique dialects, mythology, musical folklore, ethno-architecture, customs, folk art, traditional handicrafts and culinary heritage. We created an interactive system, showing the multi-layered nature of Lithuanian heritage.

A collection of seven packages include: culinary heritage desserts from every region (five), board game fabric and one special dessert that cannot be assigned to only one region – spit cake. Because of its unique shape and bright yellow colour, we present spit cake as a symbol of a golden crown. It’s a cake that unites all five regions.

For the packaging we chose minimal, clean design and bright colours. We purposely did not use any glue or a lot of printing (to strengthen in-artificial and homely feeling the game board is also made from natural linen). We also wanted to present ethnocultural heritage in a different context. The context of a modern family game.

A culinary heritage product line “On the tip of a tongue” and a game also serves an educational purpose and focuses on dialectical differences. The game consists of a mobile application and a board game themed fabric. The process of food tasting is also an integral part of this game. Additionally, ethnographic regions are presented through language, customs and traditional Lithuanian cuisine. The players are free to choose which regional desserts they want to include in the game.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is unique because it is a part of a system. Every one of the packaged products can stand alone or become a part of the game experience. The packaging is ecological and easily assembled, its design is versatile and customisable for different products.

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