Design: Irina
Project Type: Student Project
School: British higher school of design
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Soya meat, tofu, kombucha, soya milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, plastic, paper
Printing Process: Flexography

Create packaging for Russian vegetarian products, such as: tofu, tofu with tomato flavour, tofu with mushroom flavour, kombucha, konmbucha with blackcurrant flavour, kombucha with pine flavour, soya meat , soya milk and soya protein. The packaging must be in series, really simple and be different from most of vegan product packages. The package should not include any photos of food, any kind of mascotte, any pictures or hand drawings.

Irina took a lot of pictures of soya beans and plants and began to draw them in simple ways, until they turn into the most simple geometric forms: rounds, triangles and squares.

Irina deformate them to look a little bit organic and added superellipse to be an abstract symbol of soya plant. So each package includes a concrete set of figures, which symbolize the product in package. Each geometric form has its fixed size, color and a slope angle.

Circles, triangles and superellipses are used for liquid product. Squares, triangles and superellipses for solid products. They may mix if a product is half solid, like tofu which has a little liquid inside package. There are no mock-ups or 3D graphics used, only live photos of the final product.