Xiang Duo Duo Jasmine Tea

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Derrick Lin


Design: Tigerpan packaging design lab.
Project Type: Produced
Location: Shenzhen, China
Packaging Contents: Tea leaves

Xiang Duo Duo Jasmine Tea was awarded by Reddot with both Packaging and Illustrating Awards since it was launched last year in boxes. Not too long, we have been commissioned to design an iron can to pack the product so as to meet more consumption needs. The tea comes from a famous century-old tea-brewer family, Lin, from Fujian where a regional culture is well-featured.

Through the illustration, consumers are bought back to Shanghai a few decades ago, where a lady in her elegant cheongsam (also known as qipao, is a type of feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese features of Manchu origin) standing in Hotel Waldorf Astoria, relishing jasmine tea. How romantic it is. Shaped in an octagonal prism and made thoroughly air-tight, this new packaging design succeeds the graphic style.