Woods Beer Co. Premium

Derrick Lin


Design: Angie Lozarus
Photographer: Nicholaus Lie
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: GR 370: Package Design 3 (Advanced 3D Branding)
Tutor: Thomas McNulty
Packaging Contents: Beer Bottle, Beer Can, Growler, Six-Pack Carrying Case
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Metallic paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Inkjet Printing, Spray painting

Tasked with creating a packaging system for an existing brand of beer or wine, I saw an opportunity for San Francisco-based Woods Beer Co. and their brand to stand out among the craft beer market. Woods Beer Co. produce small-batched beers inspired by locally-sourced and unconventional ingredients. Their brand philosophy embraces the experimental nature of craft beer to highlight their use of unconventional ingredients, such as hibiscus and South American maté, in creating unexpectedly unique flavor profiles in beer. By understanding the brand story and value of Woods Beer Co., I set out to develop a concept and graphic style that elevates their product.

I chose to rework Woods Beer Co’s logo and expand their herbal varietal called “Morpho”, which has gained a cult following among craft beer enthusiasts in San Francisco. I made botanical illustrations of the hops and foliage to emphasize the process of organic brewing specialized by Woods Beer Co. I also chose to incorporate the Morpho butterfly since it holds a significant value to represent Woods’ exotic creation. The silhouette of the butterflies plays a key role in highlighting the curious nature of the South American butterfly in their pursuit of fermenting fruits. The design elements provide a refreshing take on Woods Beer Co’s craft beer and their attention to quality and flavor.

What’s Unique?
The vibrant colors produced from the silver metallic paper lends a premium and fresh look to the beer. The metallic finish is applied consistently throughout the packaging system, which creates an elevated impression that is sure to capture craft beer enthusiasts. Each label has been given a unique color that reflects the flavor of the herbal brew. Ranging from Key Lime to Grapefruit IPA, each brew captures the experimental, adventurous, and unconventional nature of Woods Beer Co.