Cola for Birell Non Alcoholic Beer

Derrick Lin


Design: Hart & Jones Limited
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Asahi Beers Europe
Product Launch Location: Slovakia
Packaging Contents: Cola
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can
Printing Process: Flexography

Birell Cola is a radical new addition to the range of the dominant non alcoholic beer in Slovakia.

Birell is so dominant that significant growth has to come from taking share from the big carbonates players – and cola is fully 65% of standard carbonates sales in Slovakia. The new cola offers a completely natural alternative to high sugar and additive laden colas, from a brand that enjoys adult credibility from its beer heritage and natural ingredients

Historically Birell has always been a blue brand and it was a big step to move to an all red and white design. But to take share from the global players we needed to make the new offer communicate as simply as possible that this is a more natural cola, rather than risk it being seen as a beer & cola mix. The illustration style and informal typography create real difference in the category and emphasise our unique product story.

What’s Unique?
Many cola brands that have entered the alcoholic beverage category but this is the first time that a NAB has extended into the carbonates sector