Design: Senyor Estudi
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Artiga Fustel
Photographer: Carles Palacio
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Red Garnacha
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and label
Printing Process: Offset

Delicate features characterise “La Bella”, a red Garnacha by Artiga-Fustel from centuries-old vineyards, charming, refined and elegant. With the intimacy of lace, highly defined and leaving a distinct impression, its strands can be counted as with a thread counting glass.

La Bella is a disarmingly beautiful and bold Spanish red, from the foothills of Zaragoza’s Moncayo Massif. Brimming with elegance, charm and finesse, La Bella was born of gnarled Garnacha bush vines of up to 100 years of age. With this age comes exceptional beauty, which is harnessed by our winemaker to create this lusciously opulent and refined red wine. The handpicked grapes grow in a single vineyard in the appellation of Campo de Borja, the region known as The Empire of Garnacha for its enviable and highly sought-after fruit. Ageing in French oak barrels for a period of six months adds a velvety smoothness and subtle hints of vanilla to the peppery spice and brilliant berry aromas of this fine wine. — Artiga-Fustel

The wine label, printed on mother-of-pearl paper by Chalaguier, combines modified Poster Bodoni Compressed. The letters from “LA BELLA” were modified, not only to replace the stems with lace; the arms of letter L were a slightly shortened. The small print uses Mallory.

What’s Unique?
In the design briefing, the client want to pair La Bella (“The Beauty” in Spanish) with another Artiga wine called La Bestia (“The Beast”), which is also featured on Fonts In Use. Here, both B’s are shown side by side. La Bestia is branded with a B in Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed, dressed in fur.