Libby’s Pork Crack

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Derrick Lin


Design: Supply
Illustrator: Margaux Shand & Kurt Ratana
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Libby’s Pork Crack
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Small-Batch Pork Crackling
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Pouch with Plastic Window and Sticker
Printing Process: Flexography

Libby’s Pork Crack is an artisanal range of small-batch, additive-free pork crackling with everything from cooking to packing done by hand. Already established, the brand had a dedicated following amongst Keto & Crossfit audiences, however, growth had plateaued. New opportunities had arisen through a boutique supermarket chain placement, and Supply were approached to help reach a new Foodie audience through a brand and packaging evolution.

Their founder, Libby, had imbued the brands messaging with a love of Hip Hop through witty references to 90’s gangster rap. Playful phrases made the bridge between Hip Hop and the brand: e.g. their mascot “Piggy Smalls”. We embraced this and built a visual language that appealed to Foodies.

Rather than focusing on gangster rap, we looked for broader appeal via early hip hop. We identified an intersection between the handmade nature of the product and DIY art of early hip hop. Referencing this rich visual culture, handmade illustrations were created in collaboration with Margaux Shand from Hey Stranger and featured throughout the brand world via a cut’n’paste sampling ethos; they’re made to be rearranged to create energetic new compositions.

From the illustration collection, we created montages that energetically jump on-shelf, and entice further investigation with loads of discovery elements; electrified boom boxes, cheeky album parental advisory stickers etc. This approach also allowed us to integrate key typographic call-outs: “Gluten-Free”, “Handmade”, and ethical points; that its pigs live happy “Cage-Free” lives on “Free Farms”. And as a final touch, the illustrations are brought to life online via stop-frame animation and bursts of colour, referencing early low-fi animated hip hop music videos.