Ngoc Suong Since 1955 – Special Gift

Agency: InSpace Creative
Project Type: Produced
Location: Vietnam
Client: Ngoc Suong Seafood Restaurant
Packaging Contents: Special Gift Box
Packaging Substrate / Material: Art Paper
Printing Process: Foil Stamping
Product launch location: Vietnam

The Client
Born in 1955 in the beautiful Cam Ranh Strait, Ngoc Suong has become a famous culinary brand nationwide before 1975. Through the changes of history, Ngoc Suong had a natural migration to Saigon. Saigon to form the famous Ngoc Suong Saigon brand so far.

Ngoc Suong Saigon Restaurant Suong Nguyet Anh is a luxurious villa in the semi-classical architecture, the interior is recreated from the images of the legendary luxury yacht, with a capacity of 300 seats.

Create a special gift set to appreciate the special customers of Ngoc Suong Restaurant

The concept must be luxurious, and highlight the special characteristics of Ngoc Suong and the specialty of seafood restaurant.

What’s Unique?
We create a visual set from restaurant images and specific seafood, then combine them into a flexible layout to apply to publications including what, T-shirts, and publications. other gift products.

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