Trinity | Lunar New Year Gift Card & Red Packet 2021

Agency: InSpace Creative
Art Director: Sanh Nguyen
Creative Designer: Huy Pham
Creative Designer: Duy Trinh
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Trinity
Product Launch Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Gift Card & Red Packet
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing, Foil stamping

Long time ago, in Vietnam, the kite and the buffalo are two images that represent a peaceful and prosperity Vietnamese countryside. 2021 is the year of OX, in the Lunar New Year to convey the message of peace, luck, and good development, “like Kite meets the wind” – Vietnamese proverbs.

What’s Unique?
The story conveys in 2 images of kite and buffalo, unique illustration, unique icon kite moves when opening Gift Card, through a red rope connected from a buffalo to a kite.

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