Journey of Meaw – OfDarkness

Paper Box of Meaw – OfDarkness™.

Surely many of you will wonder what the words on the design of these boxes mean? And why do we choose that way?

These words are the meows of cats in 23 different languages around the world, which we refer to and select from “” to bring a more connected and pervasive message to people. love cats everywhere, these words alternately intertwine, arranged in a free and dynamic layout to form a system of textures like the rustling scratches of cats on carton boxes.

In addition, the deliberate horizontal and vertical arrangement of the free composition represents the typical image of the street, of the overlapping, slanting alleys, weaving everywhere that we can see from above, and that is the scene of the OD Town neighborhood in the world of the cat MEAW.

All are synchronized in the same story, one design language, with carefully packed and printed Carton material, we always want to create the best experience for the product from the finished product to the packaging stage. but inside it all has interesting hidden stories.

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Creative Director: Sanh Nguyen
Art Director: Nhi Tuong
Art Director: Duy Trinh
Creative Designer: Trung Chau
Creative Designer: Vi Le
Creative Designer: Rella Lem
Creative Designer: Zahy
Creative Designer: Phuong Vo
Creative Designer: