Design: Rong Brand
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Chinese wine

China’s time-honored brand in Meizhou, the world’s passenger capital-Pearl Red brand upgrade

Beginning in Meizhou, the capital of all capitals, Pearl Red, the only “Chinese time-honored brand” in Meizhou that has continued since 1516, what should it look like? Taking the four packagings of “mother liquor, Weilong Xifeng liquor, good delicacy liquor, and loving father and mother liquor” as the starting point, interpret the pearl red brand upgrade idea.

“Hakka ancient crafts” is “the reason to buy”
When we create the wine packaging, we make the “flaming craftsmanship” the “reason for buying”:

The “packaging” of Niangjiu is the “visualization” of the hot pottery altar, and the “sprinkling of gold” of the niangjiu is the “visualization of craftsmanship” of the hot husk. The pearl-red hot wine is the authentic wine! Use the ritual-flavoring technique to inspire awe of the craft heritage.