A 1000-Years-Old-Village

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Derrick Lin


Design: VRLN
Location: Romania
Project Type: Produced
Client: A 1000-Years-Old-Village
Product Launch Location: Iceland
Packaging Contents: Potatoes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled materials, paper, cardboard, thread
Printing Process: Flexo

Brand Story
Þykkvibær is the oldest village in Iceland, the exact date of settlement is not known, but the town is first recorded in a church ledger book in the year 1270.

The town is best known for harvesting potatoes since 1934, and due to prime condition in the soil farmers in this little community have fared well.

“My family is one of those. My great grandfather was an innovator when it came to introducing farmers to machines designed for harvesting potatoes. Before that, everything was done by hands. Steadily over the years machines have made the work easier. From planting and harvesting to packaging. “

“Plastic bags have become ubiquitous and plastic pollution has increased. 1000 Ára Sveitaþorp aims to fix this. By packaging potatoes in paper bags, waste and plastic pollution can be reduced so that it is likely to have a far-reaching effect into the future.”

“The idea behind the poetry on the bags comes from being a kid and reading the back of cereal boxes. The poems are short, easy to understand and can range anywhere from poking fun at the government to complaining about the weather in Iceland. It’s meant to be an eye-catcher on the backside, so when the customer picks up the bag to inspect it, he holds it just a little bit longer in his hands before, hopefully, putting it in his shopping cart.”

What’s Unique?
A family business who decided to sell only healthy natural products on eco-friendly packaging.