Black Yogurt

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Design: R Agency
Junior Art Director: Alisa Mezhenska
Creative Group Head: Dima Liutyi
Copywriter: Viktor Synkov
Designers: Leonid Nakonechnyi, Arman Enokyan
Senior Account Manager: Maria Ursta
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Danone Ukraine
Junior brand manager Activia (Danone Ukraine): Kateryna Konsevich
Marketing manager Modern brands (Danone Ukraine): Svitlana Shukayeva
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Black Yogurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Black Yogurt – It’s really black, we mean it.

Born in the darkest and deepest coal caves Black Yogurt made its way to the product shelves and defined a new diary order. It’s not only a very first black yogurt on the Ukrainian market, but also a first yogurt to contain charcoal.

“Charcoalness” — became the main inspiration for this project and a major theme in design. We created an awesome charcoal texture and wrapped the whole packaging with it so that it seems that you are holding a real charcoal piece.

First, our emotional intention was to make the label totally black, but as long as Black Yogurt is a limited edition of Activia — the widest known brand of yogurts in Ukraine, we decided to preserve it’s recognizable green branding.

“We googled if there’s a similar black yogurt anywhere in the world and found nothing. So I think we can assume that we made a label for the first black yogurt in the universe. Well, at least until there’s no proof of extraterrestrial life. But even then there is a chance that aliens have anything alike”. Alisa Mezhenska — Junior Art Director R Agency