Design: Designo Design
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Self Promotion
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Adhesive labels
Printing Process: Flexography

In celebration of the 18 years of our office, we developed 10 labels divided into 3 styles of beers, and to tell a little about our history we gave space and attention to the artistic vision of our designers, who gave some of their drawings and old works as inspiration.

All beers were produced by Cervejaria Brewger, located in the pioneer north of Paraná. The labels were printed by the Catuaí printer located in Nova Fátima.

For the labels of Vienna beer, works by the artist Ana Cristina Nehring were used, and an illustration by the designer Rubens Ferreira. In the Hop Lager and APA styles, works and illustrations by designer João Nehring and the Designo team were used. In this project, we explore the union between design and art.

Altogether 130 beers were produced for this commemorative microlot, their labels were printed on adhesive labels and the product was distributed non-profit to our customers and friends.

What’s Unique?
From psychedelic shapes and colors to the sobriety of sketches on a black background, we tell in a visual way a little about our history: some of the illustrations used were created in 1973 and others were developed in 2019.