Pawmona -Dog treats

Derrick Lin


Agency: Kollektiv
Illustrator: Mari Kakhurishvili
Designer: Giorgi Jananashvili
Art Director: Giorgi Kalmakhelidze
Creator: Buba Radiani
Location: Georgia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pomona
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Dog treats
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum foil
Printing Process: Flexography

We do not get the opportunity to work on our beloved pet’s – food packaging every day, but this was exceptional and, at the same time, a very pleasant occasion when we got the chance to work on the branding of dog treats.

Pomona is a US-based company with many different business directions, one of their sub-brand is “PAWMONA”, which produces dog treats. We were briefed to create identity and packaging design for “PAWMONA” dog treats.

There is no doubt that a well designed/good looking product is more desirable than one that appears underdone or overlooked, you can easily spot them in huge supermarkets, they arise in your desire to touch them, to feel them and afterward to buy the product. As it is said, good design sells (ideally the quality of product and design should match), but in our case, the task was a bit different because “PAWMONA” only sells their dog treats online on, so the product itself is intact until it is delivered to you.

As we all know is a huge online retailer. They sell millions of goods in seconds so the product should impress the customer in a millisecond. Our mission and ambition were to impress and so we started our journey.

As we are all aware dogs love to play, keeping this in mind, we started working on creating the concept. We agreed to do the design which would have a friendly and cheerful look and feel. We created colorful illustrations making our best friend central part of the composition. The whole layout was enriched with playful word-mark which became a central part of the overall symmetric design.

As a result, we got the product, which is distinct from any other one and it will definitely impress customers. How deep it will touch dog owners’ feelings we will see in near future.