Agency: HUEMON Design
Marketing planning specialist: Ken
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Clean Clean
Product Launch Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Sanitiser
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Plastic

Design Mission – Establish Clean Clean’s Brand Identity
Clean Clean, HUEMON’s client, is known for its antibacterial products and hand sanitiser, they hope their product can be both space-saving and unique in the fast-moving goods market. Tasked by Clean Clean, HUEMON have committed themselves to enriching the product in order to enhance Clean Clean’s brand identity and awareness. As the product life cycle in the market is short and the trend of zero waste is rising, HUEMON leverage recyclable plastic to design a product that alleviates the impact on the environment.

HUEMON‘s Perspective – Good design can enhance brand identity and product recognition
The most direct way to increase brand distinctiveness is to change its appearance. People can only differentiate a product from its name in sales channel as most products are designed in standardised template. Unlike normal bottles, HUEMON create their unique selling points by designing the product into square shape. This also helps customers save more space in storage.

Strengthen Brand Identity
A brand with a strong brand identity can generate the right feeling for customers. The design concept comes from human. HUEMON create lines and curves on the bottle which make it look and feel like a baby’s skin as the target audiences are mainly moms who have a child to take care of. Also, the bottle is tactile and smooth which could generate deeper brand impressions. Furthermore, HUEMON help Clean Clean strengthen their brand image by using eco-friendly materials.

Ice cube bottle cap- Facilitate measurement
It would cost lots of time mixing liquid with concentrate. Therefore, the bottle cap was designed as ice cube shape so that customer can easily measure by pouring the concentrate into the cap. This design also reduces the cost of manufacturing cup.

Square shaped bottle – A more space-saving bottle
Square shaped bottle can not only help the product stand out but also save space for storage and shipping. Compared to previous bottle in the same capacity, 500ml, it can save 80cm3 space per bottle.

HUEMON made the bottle corners less sharp so that customers could gain a great sensory experience from the sensation given when feeling it. In addition, customers would feel just like looking after their babies when holding the bottle.

Eco-friendly materials- A mission to protect the environment
HUEMON is experienced in using recycled materials, working with the most professional manufacturer. The product is made from recycled milk bottles and plastic cups which mean it can be 100% recycled, and the design process is in line with the Blue Angel Eco-Label. Thus, it could be an iconic design in Taiwan for using recycled plastics cups and bottles as materials.