U-Betcha Honey Jelly Beans

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Design: Allie Hamburg
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Packaging Contents: Honey Jelly Beans
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic that, once the cardboard backing is removed, doubles as a bowl to hold the jelly beans when placed face down.
Printing Process: Vacuform, laser cutting, foiling

These Honey Jelly Beans were made for the U-Betcha Brewing Co. brewery. It’s a nice single serving snack to enjoy along with the fresh brewed beer made at the brewery. With the shiny jelly beans and the shiny packaging, it’s sure to catch anyone’s eyes. The display was made from hand. The icons and logo were laser engraved, then glued together.

The display was cut using a mix of laser cutters and the wood shop saw tools. The plastic bull head that contains the jelly beans were 1/4 inch thick pieces of wood cut to the bull shape, then layered with glue, then sanded for smooth edges between the layers. The bull head was then put under a sheet of heated plastic that melted around the wood form. Once melted, a vacuum sucked the air out to tightly form it for smooth edges around the bull. Now the wooden head was removed and replaced with jelly beans. Finally, the flat outside of the package was created through matte black paper and a laser printer to print where they type is.

That is then ran through a laminator with a gold foil sheet. Once the foil sheet is peeled, it leaves behind what adheres to the laser printer ink: typography. PLEASE NOTE: the brand U-Betcha Brewing Company was developed by Andy B., Man Kwan T., Megan H., and Erica S. This project, however, was done in full by me using their brand colors and icons.

What’s Unique?
Extremely unique shape and concept. It not only contains jelly beans, but doubles as a bowl: a bull bowl, per se. This allows for reusability. Additionally, all of the numerous techniques together provide a unique experience towards the high quality of this project.

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