Mapro- Fruyo!

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Derrick Lin


Design: Pranali Pawar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Mit Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Organic Fruit puree + small chunks of fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Resealable Stand up LDPE pouches (Flexible pouch packaging)
Printing Process: Screen printing

Mapro Pvt. Ltd is a leading innovator of processed fruit products in India. It is a well-known manufacturer for a variety of products such as its delicious jams, crushes, syrups, chocolates and jellies. It is also known for its fresh strawberry produce.

Mapro Fruyo! is a new range of products which is an on the go fruit snack. It contains 100% organic fruit puree and little chunks of fruit. Enjoy it is as a snack or add it to your desserts!

The design of the pouch makes it easy to carry, it can be carried during travel.The stand up pouches are resealable which make them convenient to use and store.

What’s Unique?
The freshness of fruit can be best identified by its color and texture. Transparent packaging helps consumers better assess food freshness to determine if the food is of good quality. Therefore, they’re more likely to purchase the product if they can see through its packaging and have that reassurance. The see-through packaging makes consumers feel an enhanced sense of trust and loyalty for it. This increases consumers’ sense of belief in the brand because they feel the brand cares about the same things as they do. Thus, the transparent pouch packaging for Fruyo! aims to convey the freshness of the fruit and build trust towards the consumers.

After cutting open the pouch, one can directly consume from the pouch or add it as a flavoring in recipes. It can be sealed using the press and seal feature provided. The stand-up pouches have good stability which makes them convenient to store.

Fruyo! can also be an easy toddler food, as it full of fruit goodness and avoids bowl & spoon mess.