Tres Flechas Mezcal

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Derrick Lin


Location: Belarus
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Mezcal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

TRES FLECHAS – a traditional mezcal premium for true connoisseurs of strong drinks.

ARTISANAL MEZCAL-the essence of distillation is that it is carried out in a copper alembic. Therefore, in the design, we tried to emphasize this by using copper elements. Distillation is carried out in batches each of which has its own number and is placed on the label. Each time before release, the distillers are loaded and unloaded.

TRES FLECHAS is a unique drink that has been produced for many centuries and is a proud heritage of independent and original Mexico. When developing the design, we tried to consider the maximum number of historical details and approach each element with great attention: the shape and relief of the bottle, the authentic cork made of natural wood and expensive printing effects in the design of the label.

TRES FLECHAS is a great work on the details that formed the image of this drink. Everything has its weight and everything counts. The complex relief of the bottle gives you the best tactile sensations. The wooden hood emphasizes authenticity. In addition, the copper elements in the label are a reference to an interesting production technology. All these details form a single image of a premium and unique drink.